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Heather Greene


Lia possesses a very rare and valuable ability to translate a studied fine arts background and unbridled creativity into graphics, artwork and signature marketing pieces that successfully achieve commercial mandates. Never before have I worked with someone who has experience working across so many mediums. Her deep body of knowledge and experience in the arts cultivates innovative outcomes that are truly one of a kind and layered with brilliance. 

Lisa Vettese


As past publisher and owner of Calgary Bride, I had the honour of working with Lia very closely for over four years on my publishing team, where she was my Creative Director and instrumental in the overall feel and design of our publications.


Lia was exceptional in creating the design concept and branding for this new publication while gathering ideas and concepts from our other team members. She worked closely with photographers and models to ensure there was consistency in

our look and overall feel of the publications. Lia was always able to get the most out of the creative teams as they were always so excited to get the opportunity to work with her and strive for the specific look and feel of the shoot that Lia put forth.

Kim Hochstein 


Lia is a genius artist, art director, designer, stylist, media advisor, and collaborator. She is my go-to creative director and influencer. Her design and imagination surpass the brief every time. Her ability to translate a client’s thoughts to a finished piece is technically outstanding. She is a master listener and delivers superior results that are one of a kind. It is obvious that she has a passion for her work and her kindness and humanity shines through. Her interaction will all of my team has been respectful and collaborative. She would be a valuable leader and asset to any organization based on my 8 years history working together.

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